Conservation of Freshwater Fishes


Freshwater fishes are among the most imperiled groups globally with rates of decline comparable to declines in tropical rainforest species. Research in lab focuses on developing a better understanding of the mechanisms for the decline of freshwater organisms. This research has four main themes, including: 1) threats to freshwater species at risk, 2) stream augmentation and hydrologic alteration, 3) climate change impacts to freshwater fishes, and 4) the spread and impact of invasive species. To achieve our research goals we utilize a variety of expertise, including in: movement ecology and telemetry, assessing foodwebs using stable isotope analysis, population genetics and environmental DNA (eDNA) and morphology and swim performance. Click on the photos, articles or news items to learn more about some of the research we are conducting on the conservation of freshwater fishes! Note: * Lab members.

Main Themes

Freshwater species at risk

Stream Augmentation and hydrologic alteration

Climate change and impacts to freshwater fishes

Invasive Species


Movement and telemetry

Assessing foodwebs using stable isotope analysis

Population genetics and eDNA analysis

Morphology and swim performance