Conservation of
Freshwater Fishes

Freshwater fishes are among the most endangered taxa globally. We strive to understand the mechanisms related to the loss of freshwater fishes, particularly in relation to anthropogenic disturbance, such as land-use and climate change, alterations to flow regime (ecohydrology), and impacts from invasive species.

Sustainable Resource and
Land-Use Development

Balancing the societal needs for resources (e.g. energy, timber) and land-use with environmental sustainability can be challenging. We help address these challenges by assessing the impacts of resource and land-use development on aquatic ecosystems. Past projects include: assessing metal contamination in aquatic foodwebs, impacts of oil spills on aquatic systems, and determining impacts of road crossings on freshwater biodiversity.

Restoration and

Developing research to assist decision-makers in creating cost-effective, robust restoration and reclamation activities. In particular we are working on developing tools to improve species recovery plans, assessing habitat offsets in freshwater ecosystems, determining the efficacy of fish stocking as a restoration activity and developing landuse and conservation plans that maximize freshwater biodiversity.