Collaborative Teams

1) Canadian Freshwater Species at Risk Research Network

  • Federally funded research network
  • National team of researchers on freshwater species at risk
  • My role: Co-investigator on freshwater fish species at risk (2017 - present)

2) Tracking Change: Local and Traditional Knowledge in Watershed Governance

  • SSHRC funded research initiative with the goal of strengthening the voices of subsistence fishers and Indigenous communities in governance of major freshwater ecosystems (PI: B. Parlee)
  • Research in Mackenzie River, Lower Amazon and Lower Mekong basins
  • My role: Co-investigator on ecology of freshwater fisheries (2016-present)

3) Land Reclamation International Graduate School (LRIGS)

  • NSERC CREATE funded
  • Funding for a training programs for restoration ecology
  • My role: Collaborator on freshwater restoration (2014-present)

4) Canadian Mountain Network

  • Team member on University of Alberta Centre for Excellence
  • News link
  • My role: Collaborator on freshwater fishes and stream temperature monitoring

We are grateful to our various sponsors: