Alli Banting, former M.Sc. student

Previous Education:

Bachelor of Natural Resource Science (Thompson Rivers University)

Diploma in Recreation, Fish and Wildlife (Selkirk College)

Post-Graduating Position:

Biologist, Parks Canada

Thesis Title:

Effects of introduced fishes on aquatic insect prey subsidies to alpine birds (link; Co-supervisors: R. Vinebrooke, M. Taylor)

Research Description:

I am interested in addressing the effects of introduced fishes on the link between aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in mountain lake communities of Banff National Park.  The first aspect of my project is to assess the impact of stocked fish on the aquatic environment by examining the relationship between littoral invertebrates and fish assemblages under three lake conditions: stocked, fishless and native fish-inhabited lakes.  The second aspect of my research is to then evaluate if a correlation exists between the fish assemblage of each lake and relative bird abundance through a reduced prey subsidy.  This research will provide insight into how the ecological integrity of mountain lake ecosystems has been affected by historical stocking practices and provide future recommendations towards achieving conservation outcomes for Banff National Park.