Nilo Sinnatamby, former Post-doctoral Fellow

Previous Education:

Doctor of Philosophy (University of Waterloo)

M.Sc. (University of Waterloo)

B.Sc. (University of Waterloo)

Post-PDF Position:

Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Calgary

Project Title:

Assessing temporal and spatial variability in potential contaminants from fish in the Lower Athabasca Region

Research Description:

My research interests lie in understanding potential impacts of human activities on aquatic environments, and in particular, fish. My current research looks at contaminants in fish obtained from sites in the Lower Athabasca region that have been classified as anthropogenic or natural hotspots. We use otolith microchemistry to compare trace elements from fish obtained at the different sites and to reconstruct temporal patterns of trace elements. We also look at contaminants measured from other fish tissues (e.g. muscle, liver) and use muscle stable isotopes to compare variations food web structure among sites.