Kenton Neufeld, former M.Sc. Student

Previous Education:

B.Sc. in Ecology (University of Calgary)

Post-Graduating Position:

Fisheries Biologist, Government of Alberta, Environment and Parks

Thesis Title:

Assessing the impacts of hydrologic alteration on prairie stream fishes: The effects of flow augmentation on Western Silvery Minnow Hybognathus argyritis habitat availability and movement potential in the Milk River of southern Alberta (link)

Research Description:

I'm interested in freshwater fisheries ecology and management, particularly in improving techniques and methods which will allow us to better monitor and assess fish species at risk. My thesis research focuses on improving monitoring and research techniques for fishes in hydrologically altered prairie streams. Researchers and managers working in these systems rely on capture methods, tagging techniques and habitat suitability models to monitor impacts to fish populations, all of which are affected by ongoing drastic hydrologic changes. Quantifying the impacts of this changing hydrology on our sampling methodologies will allow us to better assess the status of species and any trends in populations.