How to deal with this self-cloning invasive carp (Magazine: Cottage Life)

PoeschLab member Jesse Shirton interviewed on our research on Prussian Carp. Link to article: ‘Cottage Life’

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Ruppert, J.L.W.*, Docherty,C.*, Rudolfsen, T.*, Neufeld, K.*, Hamilton, K.*, MacPherson, L. and M.S. Poesch. (2017) Native North American freshwater species get out of the way: Prussian Carp (Carassius gibelio) establishment impacts both fish and macroinvertebrate communities. Royal Society Open Science 4: 170400.

Alberta Conservation Association funds alpine fisheries research

The Alberta Conservation Association provided a grant to help research the impact of stocking of non-native trout on alpine ecosystems. This project is being led by MSc student Allison Banting with the help of Dr. Mark Taylor and Rolf Vinebrooke. Thanks ACA for your continued support of the PoeschLab.