Congratulations to Karling Roberts and Taylor Lund for their paper which was “Highly Commended” for the FSBI Huntingford Medal!

Congratulations to Karling Roberts and Taylor Lund, whose paper (citation below) was listed as one of two papers Highly Commended for FSBI Huntingford Medal!

  • Roberts, K.N., Lund, T., Hayden, B. and S. Poesch (2022) Season and species influence stable isotope ratios between lethally and non-lethally sampled tissues in freshwater fish. Journal of Fish Biology 100(1): 229-241. (link

Megan Edgar’s research published in BioInvasions Records and highlighted in multiple media outposts (CBC, CBC Radio, Folio, Nature Alberta)

Research by Megan Edgar was recently highlighted in the media, including: CBC, Folio, Nature Alberta (link) and Chits and Chats podcast. Great job Megan!

Dr. Poesch involved in $24 million federally funded biodiversity and Indigenous health project

University of Alberta academics are part of a project that received $24 million in federal funding to examine the link between the loss of biodiversity and the decline of Indigenous health. Dozens of academic and community-based researchers, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, are joining forces for a six-year project to curb the decline of biodiversity and improve the well-being of Indigenous people throughout Canada and around the world.

The Ărramăt Project brings more than 150 Indigenous organizations and governments from around the world together to carry out 140 Indigenous-led, place-based research projects to examine the link between biodiversity and Indigenous health.

There are 12 academics from the University of Alberta involved in the project.

“The collapse of the cod stocks, massive forest fires in B.C., climate change, degradation of freshwater — there’s no end of examples where our non-Indigenous systems of resource management are flawed,” said Brenda Parlee, lead co-principal investigator and a non-Indigenous scholar and professor in the U of A’s faculty of agricultural, life and environment sciences in a news release.

Link to article (Folio)

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Aramat Project Website