Three new articles on habitat banking and offsetting accepted! Check them out!

Citation: Theis, S.  and M.S. Poesch. (2022) Assessing conservation and mitigation banking practices and associated gains and losses in the United States. Sustainability.

Citation: Theis, S.  Castellanos D.A., Hamann A. and M.S. Poesch. (2022) Exploring the potential role of habitat banks in preserving freshwater biodiversity and imperiled species in the United States. Biological Conservation.

Citation: Theis, S.  Koops, M. and M.S. Poesch. (In Press) A meta-analysis on the effectiveness of offsetting strategies for harm to freshwater fishes. Environmental Management.

Congratulations to Karling Roberts and Taylor Lund for their paper which was “Highly Commended” for the FSBI Huntingford Medal!

Congratulations to Karling Roberts and Taylor Lund, whose paper (citation below) was listed as one of two papers Highly Commended for FSBI Huntingford Medal!

  • Roberts, K.N., Lund, T., Hayden, B. and S. Poesch (2022) Season and species influence stable isotope ratios between lethally and non-lethally sampled tissues in freshwater fish. Journal of Fish Biology 100(1): 229-241. (link