Jonathan Ruppert, former Postdoctoral Researcher

Previous Education:

Doctor of Philosophy (University of Toronto)

H.B.Sc. (University of Toronto)

Post-PDF Position:

Research Scientist at Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Toronto

Project Title:

Building ecologically robust lakes for offsetting fisheries productivity in Canada's oil sands region

Research Description:

My research examines how natural processes and human activities are structuring our planet. In particular, how these processes may act alone or combine interactively to impact ecosystems, communities and species through space and time. From a management perspective, building an understanding of relevant ecosystem thresholds and determining how we can make sustainable evidence-based management decisions is necessary to ensure the long-term health of the world's species and ecosystems. Altogether this work includes: conserving aquatic species-at-risk, assessing the risk of aquatic invasive species, food webs and predator declines, and developing tools to balance resource extraction and the provisioning of species habitat.