Research by Kaegan Finn highlighted by Alberta Wildlife Society Chapter

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, undergraduate student Kaegan Finn was unable to present his research at the Alberta Chapter of The Wildlife Society (ACTWS) annual general meeting. Thankfully, ACTWS has been sharing some of the research from the conference on their website. In August, ACTWS highlighted Kaegan Finn’s excellent poster. Kaegan was an undergrad conducting research in the lab. I am delighted that Kaegan was able to share his hard work. Check it out for yourself here on the ACTWS webpage (link).

Fisheries and Aquatic Conservation Lab lead a workshop on offsetting strategies in the oil sands region

Sebastian Theis, Jonathan Ruppert, Karling Roberts, Michael Terry and Mark Poesch led a workshop with around 60 participants from industry, consulting, provincial and federal governments and academia. The workshop brought stakeholders together to discuss research in the lab on offsetting in freshwaters, including how to create ecologically robust compensation lakes. Thanks to everyone who participated. Feel free to follow-up with us with any questions.